Thank You

The vision for Made X Forever started long before I understood the components required to bring it all together. This is the first year where I believe things are really starting to pick-up. I want to take a moment to thank all those who have played a significant roll in the projects development. I am eternally grateful for your contributions.

Iain Mains
Taylor Wilson
Katrina Wright
Emma Justine
Aidan Campbell
Jeremy Yip
Robert Fitzgerald Diggs
Hayden Cook
Cam Huges
Drew Harrison
Dilraj Sagoo
Marina & Don Nagribianko
Andrew Comollo
Lauren Piwek
Ryan Desrochers
Jared Mclellan
Richard Garand
Ryan Pusch
Grant Cardone
Marika Gibson
Brandon Kilthau
Rob Tarrant-Steedman
Kevin Scott
Lonie Paxton
Raji Samra
Jaide Leguilloux
Kiefer Gasparovic
Jon McMurray
Jessica Wilson
Wesley Pentz Jr.
Ashik Ramdass
Dave Bradley
Kevin Noonan
Jeremy Osiowy