In the metro, each billboard has its ad changed weekly; old ads are torn down and new ads are posted up. During the time the ads are up, they are often painted and vandalized. As the boards decompose and the messages become obsolete they evolve into the exposed skeletons of what once was. Remnant layers of previous ads, art and graffiti that had their fifteen minute exposure.

     The inevitability of this process is both a reflection and a product of the vanity based circuit we have created for ourselves. The artwork of Made X Forever is a corrupting phenomenon that infects advertising, media and social media content, subverting original intention and creating something new.

     Made X Forever art captures a transitional moment - deliberate and purposeful chaos. It is a response to the consumerist propaganda with which we are consistently barraged, consciously and unconsciously.

     The finished work subjugates and repurposes deceptive corporate messages by enhancing the work’s own unique artistic potential.

"The artwork is grown rather than made.”

Created through the process of layering images. Many mediums and materials are combined to construct the final product.

Layers are repeatedly added, scraped and scarred, emulating the billboard’s decomposition.

The process continues in an uninterrupted cycle until a client’s purchase freezes the work in time.

We found Made X Forever on Instagram and decided to order two Artist Proof pieces for our guest house. Everyone who stays with us is fascinated by the work especially after discovering some of the hidden treasures. 

Vanessa, Palm Springs California

Saving up for an Original when they become available again! Picked up my first Made X Forever piece years ago at a $100 art show in Calgary. Since then I've often been inspired by Made X Forever's growth. This project is bigger than the art, I can't wait to see whats next...

Alison, Calgary Alberta

Truly authentic work, there is nothing like Made X Forever out there. Intriguing concepts expressed through a vail of mystery. Simply Brilliant. 

Rollan, Miami Florida

Disappointed there is no video to show how fascinating and captivating the
Made X Forever creative process is. I had three Original pieces commissioned for my office and when they were completed Made X Forever invited me to visit his studio. Strongly recommend the experienced for anyone interested in masterful design.

Vince, Phoenix Arizona

In your art, there’s a post-apocalyptic/dystopian vibe in it. Is that on purpose? If so, why? Is there a message you are trying to convey to your viewers?

     I discovered Made X Forever by observing billboards in metro systems. A lot of those billboards have been up for a very long time and they’ve been subjected to layers and layers of ads, graffiti and vandalism.

     Once a new ad is pasted over the carnage, it’s only a matter of weeks before the busy environment of the metro wears it down, revealing the history of the billboard beneath. It’s a reminder of how fleeting these trends are, and since modern life isn’t much more than a sequence of periods of adherence to different trends, it’s a reminder of the relative brevity of our own existence.

     If these billboards all stopped being updated in an apocalyptic or dystopian scenario then eventually all of them would naturally evolve into Made X Forever style displays. I’m using my creative skills to showcase these boards of the future, while examining the close ties of art and advertising.

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     Made X Forever encompasses a holistic passion; it is an act of homage to the feats of creative innovation that have done for the project what it hopes to do for others. Made X Forever’s creative purpose is directed by the human experience and its relationship with our growing world.

     What makes this work singular is that it builds on the past, engages with memory, but in a way that is without precedent; by meditating on the frozen images of the past, building on them, we can begin to comprehend and shape the future.

     Made X Forever extends those creative and meditative facilities into the world in a way that’s fundamentally symbiotic; the project is not about romanticized artistic solitude, but about welcoming opportunities, engaging with others and looking towards the future.

Made X Forever Mix Part 01

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